Wednesday, December 28

Smack on Asda

It has recently been pointed out by one of our many readers in the US of A that it is not Tesco that is taking over the world but Wal-Mart the vast US based supermarket corporate retailer. Here in the UK Asda (owned by Wal-Mart) has joined the ever growing band of 'high street' retailers (most of course are nowhere near the high street - they lurk monster-like on 'retail parks') which now sells sex toys.

Shoppers of all ages will be faced with displays of serried 'Intruders', 'Trojans' (no connection with your editor), 'Big Boys' and other assorted adult play-things, mostly rubbery and with various rotating features.

Clearly Asda's television advertising campaign has been more long term and subtle than we all thought.
The traditional advert has always ended with a clean cut yummy-mummy figure arriving at the checkout, turning towards the camera winking coquettishly, sticking her rear out and patting herself on the bottom with a knowing look. No need for any spanking new changes then !

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Sarah Hopperty said...

Very cheeky