Saturday, December 17

Every little helps

Has anyone other than this blog noticed ? Tesco is taking over the country - if not the world.
Tesco controls almost one-third of the UK grocery market. While the company boasts about its commitment to fair trade and 'corporate responsibility', a recent report from Friends of the Earth shows that Tesco's practices are putting many UK farmers out of business; while on the high street, some 2,000 independent stores went out of business in the last year alone, unable to compete with promotions, and planning and taxation policies that favour the multiples over smaller shops.
Friends of the Earth's anti-supermarket campaigner Vicki Hird right, and rising star in the lobbying movement recently lambasted the retail giant: "Tesco is lauded as a British success story but the image is a deceptive one – and it is beginning to tarnish. Farmers and consumers are paying the price of its uncontrolled expansion here and overseas. MPs must act now to curb the growing market power of supermarkets and ensure that Britain's booming supermarket industry does not kill off farmers, consumer choice and the traditional British high street."

Well indeed we agree, every little fight back will help.

More about this corporate monster later.

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Kelly said...

I admit that you need to watch Tesco's or any big chain for that matter. But while you are watching out for Tesco's please don't neglect to watch for your ASDA's also. As a part of the "WAL-Mart family", they are doing the same thing that you are saying that Tesco's is doing. They move into small towns and undercut the smaller stores while "aiding the community" through grants and donations to the schools and fundraising for charities. After most of their competion is gone then prices rise, benefits are cut and it is all about the dollar. LOL Yes, I am aware of the great benefits to their associates, as one of their worker bee's (or as we like to call ourselves their drones) we have had our medical and dental benefits cut, our deductibles raised, and also our bonuses restructured in such as way as to not be able to "qualify" for a bonus. Management will always get their bonuses for the increase in profits and the good inventory numbers but we get a meal and a thank you. The meal is from the deli department of the grocery section. Gee, maybe I should just move into management and then I can get money instead of lettuce!