Monday, December 19

Quality quote

It is unusual for this blog to begin the week with a quote, but when, as has happened recently, a Lib-Dem frontbencher says something meaningful (albeit probably unintentional, irrelevent and totally out of context) it is our duty to share it with our readers.
"The great leaders of the 20th Century didn't mind courting controversy, but they rarely courted compromise."
Lembit Opik, MP, right.
Clearly Mr Opik understands history but has trouble applying it to modern politics.


Jerry Allington said...

And that is a picture of a British law maker ?

We have Liberals here in Texas they talk bull but don't look like odd balls !

Kelly said...

I think Jerry that would depend on your point of view. After all, they don't wear cowboy hats or baseball caps either but ours do over here!