Friday, December 9

Hold tight please

The beloved Routemaster, London's famous red double-decker bus has fallen victim to Ken Livingstone, Metropolitan London's Marxist mayor (not to be confused with the time honoured position of Lord Mayor of the City of London).

Livingstone right said only four years ago that only a ''ghastly dehumanised moron'' would want to get rid of the sturdy, long-lived symbol of Britishness. However like a Routemaster, the Mayor executed a perfect U-turn and drove smartly the other way, throwing his political weight behind bendy-buses that are so impractically massive for London's narrow streets.

Thus today the last Routemaster on routine service, number 159, arrived at it's depot in Streatham after a 90 minute journey with a police motorcycle escort. A crowd of many thousands cheered and waved banners saying ''81 percent of Londoners want the Routemaster''.

All however, is not completely lost; around 20 of the classic vehicles will continue to run on the so called heritage routes in London. Hold tight, "hiz honour" may well yet rule that in the interests of public safety .............



Kelly said...

OH how very sad! As an American, I am used to most of our politicians changing their platforms in mid stream. And as A Native American Indian, I am used to the promises of said politicians doing a complete U-turn. I am sorry that the red double deckers will be missing from the views of London except for the London heritage tours. Kind of ironic don't you think?

Joseph Blogs of Clapham said...

This is a very pedestrian article. What is the man on the Clapham omni-bus expected to think.

Jo Bolgs

Peter Troy said...

Don't dispair too mucy Kelly and Jo Blogs.

The Red double deckers will still be 'on duty' on the streets of our capital. It is the clasic routmaster (1957-1969) with its distinctive open platform that has been withdrawn from all but the heritage routes.

Thinking about it it is a pity Ken Livingstone was not on an open rear platform when he did his U turn !


Anonymous said...

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