Wednesday, December 28

The mid week quote no 13

A multi-coloured mess.

''In the political big tent, a new generation of bright young technocrats - New Labour advisors and Notting Hill Tory MPs - work and play together, unencumbered by tribal differences. They have few differences with the Orange Book Lib Dems. The end of ideology is not just a fact of life; it is a badge of honour. Conviction is a rather embarassing habit that should not be displayed in public. Those beliefs that do exist have been shaken like one of Mr Blair's kaleidoscopes: the Tories champion redistribution, while Labour promises to create a share-ownning, asset-owning democracy. It all looks like a multi-coloured mess.''

Rachel Sylvester -The Daily Telegraph Monday 26 December.

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Kelly said...

To have a genuine belief and to stand firm on it would not be politically correct at this time. And to show such convictions, would be a major faux pas. Oh for the days when sticking to your convictions and beliefs didn't brand you a fanatic or an extremist. Unless, of course, you are me and then you are called a big mouth or opinionated. Gee, I guess there are worse things to be called. lol how does wishy-washy or fence sitter sound? Maybe those days aren't so far gone. Maybe, those of us who cling to our hopes, beliefs and convictions, just need to make as much noise as those without any.