Wednesday, December 21

Fishburn - view from the cavalcade

The Prime Minister has recently incensed local businesses in his Sedgefield constituency after claiming, via his constituency press person, that the quality of life in a one County Durham village is better than ever before.

The Daily Express reports today that whilst being driven through the village of Fishburn - two miles from his home in the North East Tony Blair declared he would ''never have dreamed of this level of rising living standards''.

The PM's remarks have been met with derision by local traders. He is joking isn't he?'' scoffs businessman Justin Gowland owner of the area's only computer shop, who is facing closing down unless there is an improvement in his business in the next four months.

Local Butcher Simon Kinghorn concurs adding ''Fishburn isn't thriving, it is only surviving.'' To be fair as Mr Gowland added, '' it is not that fair to spot the rot when you are whizzing through with a police escort''.

Perhaps the local branch of the Federation of Small Businesses may wish to invite the Sedgefield MP to a branch meeting to discuss business prosperity in the constituency. In the meantime any journalists (or bloggers) requiring a very political tour (including an optional flight) of and or over the Prime Minister's constituency, with a stopover for lunch at The Dunn Cow once visited by both French and US Presidents, should contact the tour department of Very British Productions Ltd on ( 07968 257461 or email

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