Wednesday, December 21

More - every little helps

.We are pleased to report that Private Eye (issue no 1147) has picked up on this blog's concern that Tesco is taking over the country and probably soon after the World. As one of our readers from the US of A commented this takeover can only be thwarted by super mammonite Wal-Mart - a creation of the land of the free. All very terrifying.

The 'eye' reports that Tesco will early next year launch a cross-media splurge on its new online eDiet services, which tells customers what food they should buy to fit their chosen diet routines.

Tesco will be spending a huge amount on TV sponsorship. As Private Eye points out if Tesco is really so very keen to help customers lose weight it might instead pay heed to last week's National Consumer Council (NCC) report which hammered every single one of Britain's supermarkets, particularly Tesco for failing to meet NCC targets on promoting healthy foods.

Thirty-five per cent of Tesco's promotions are for fatty and sugary foods - more than twice as many as for fruit and vegetables. If Tesco made more effort to cut prices on healthy foods, there would be less need for schemes such as eDiets, which consumers are encouraged to pay for.

Oh well, every little helps - get it ?

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