Wednesday, August 2

The Crown and the Commonwealth

'' The Queen, The Realms and Europe'' is the subject of a major confrence on 27-29 October at Imperial College, Kingston, London.
The event is being organised by The Australian Monarchist League and will be chaired by Philip Benwell who commented that, '' The Crown of the United Kingdom has a responsibility beyond the shores of Great Britain to the other fifteen Commonwealth Realms and particularly to the English Speaking Nations of Australia, Canada and New Zealand and that any decision made by the British Parliament, especialy with regard to its submergence in the EU , which may influence the status of The Queen and The Crown could have an effect upon the Constitutions of these Realms.''
Well we on this blog would concur with that view. The Confrence will study the EU treaties and the various laws enacted over the past 32 years in the UK which have impacted on the freedom of the British and also potentially upon the nations of the Commonwealth.
Full details of the confrence are available from Sounds great fun !

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