Sunday, August 27

More EU Fraud

Read where large amounts of our money goes.

There is a very interesting story in The Sunday Telegraph on EU fraud.
The story is yet more evidence that the whole system is pervaded with corruption, from the very top to the low-grade defrauding of expenses by by MEPs which, with the total lack of accountablilty, makes the system unreformable.
This is an issue which the Europhiles and those who depend upon the EU for a living continue to skate around - when they are not throwing up huge smokescreens - but the fact remains that the EU is more like the Maffia than a government (if there is a difference) and will always remain so for as long as we tolerate its existence.

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Kelly said...

I find this totally unsurprising. You have a group of people, who seem for the most part to be self elected to their positions, who determine rules and regulations for others without knowing or checking how their decisions will impact said citizenry and then who get to determine their own budgets and grants raises and expense accounts.

You can't really be shocked by the fraud that would be prevelant! Talk about deja vu, sounds like the US congress. ( that is senate and representatives, both)