Sunday, August 27

The Sunday Quote

"The point of terrorism is to cause terror, sometimes to further a political goal and sometimes out of sheer hatred. The people terrorists kill are not the targets; they are collateral damage. And blowing up planes, trains, markets or buses is not the goal; those are just tactics. The real targets of terrorism are the rest of us: the billions of us who are not killed but are terrorized because of the killing. The real point of terrorism is not the act itself, but our reaction to the act."

Bruce Schneier


Bruce Schneier is an international expert on security. He produces a free monthly newsletter, Crypto-Gram, with over 100,000 readers. In its seven years of regular publication, Crypto-Gram has become one of the most widely read forums for free-wheeling discussions, pointed critiques, and serious debate about security. Regularly quoted in the media, Mr Schneier has written op ed pieces for several major newspapers, and has testified on security before the United States Congress on many occasions.
Bruce Schneir's recent book is, Beyond Fear: Thinking Sensibly About Security in an Uncertain World, read more

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Kelly said...

How very true and how incredibly unbelieveable all at the same time.