Thursday, August 17

The end of week quote

'' Whatever the truth about last week's alleged bomb plot, Britain's terrorists registered a big success anyway. Thousands of flights have been cancelled, tens of millions of pounds wasted, millions of travellers subjected to airport nightmares.''
'' .......... Veterans of World War II mock the chaos that we allow to overtake the country amid a mere terrorist alert. In their day, everybody kept dancing under the bombs, pubcrawled through the blackout, dined at the Dorchester while anti-aircraft guns thundded in Hyde Park.''
Today, however, we are 60 years past all that. We have become a vastly more risk-adverse society.''
Max Hastings - Daily Mail 15 August

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Kelly said...

True what you have said at the same time, how many lives were saved from the alleged terrorist plot? How much money was saved from these raids? How much inconvience is it worth to have peace of mind during our travels?

You are right about the veterans, we were built tougher back in the day. AT THE SAME TIME though we were also trying to protect our children, give them the best that we could and also survive as long as possible.

THANKS GUYS ! to those who have served are serving and will serve. You all MEN and WOMEN rock!