Tuesday, August 22

We also despair Doctor Reid

Those flags behind the Home Secretary show who really governs Britain.

When Dr John Reid last week held a press conference at the Home Office, with the EU Justice Commissioner, to announce further measures of EU integration on terrorism, the Union flag was on the right and the EU flag on the left. Under international protocols on flag display, this gave the EU flag precedence (the rules say that "national flags" should be on the left, with "supranational flags" after "other national flags", in third place).

At least if this was meant to signal that the EU is in many ways now our national government, there was honesty in the order in which the flags were placed. One of the more disconcerting features of how Britain is now governed is the degree to which our politicians try to conceal how far we have ceded the power to decide our laws and policy to Brussels.

We on this blog thank the civil servants who organised the press confrence last week since they did not hide the fact that the real Government of Her Majesty's Subjects in the glorious realm of the United Kingdom resides in Brussels.

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