Monday, August 7

Immigration is not a race issue

Well now this piece is a remarkable change of policy from Home Secretary Dr John Reid. As it happens it is all good news.
It's not racist to want to have a debate about whether immigration policies are serving the country's wider interests. But it's only 15 months since the UK Independence Party (UKIP) were being described as exactly that, racists, by the Labour party for seeking to have that debate during the general election campaign.
Now official Labour policy is exactly the same as what UKIP were advocating last year. The least the Labour Party can now do is apologise to UKIP for the many unjustified slurs earler this year when UKIP was making the bold statements of the loss of control of our nations borders and the detailed effects of mass imigration.
However, as we some of us know saying sorry does not come easy to Labourites; they are natural bullies.
If this it's just another piece of freelancing by Home Secetery Dr Reid, then I think he just kissed goodbye to any prospect of mounting an effective challenge to Gordon Brown for the leadership.
If Dr Read is playing electoral games (for leadership of the Labour Party) this kind of thing might go down with the general public, the Labour party electorate is a different audience.

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Split in UKIP over immigration

North West Region Euro MP John Whittaker has warned that Britain will not be able to cope with large scale immigration.

Dr. Whittaker, of the UK Independence Party, endorsed remarks made by former
Government Minister Frank Field MP, who has called for a halt to mass immigration.

He said: "There has been no shortage of reports pointing to the severe pressure on housing, schools and medical services that influx of half a million immigrants from Eastern Europe has caused."

Dr. Whittaker´s warning has caused alarm amongst some UKIP loyalists. Not wishing to be portrayed by the media as "racist" or "extremist" UKIP have adopted a confusing immigration policy suggesting zero net migration is a viable option. This means that for each person leaving an immigrant from anywhere in the world should be allowed in. As most people leaving the country are ethnic Britons seeking a better life in sunnier climes and most of those entering the country are of non-British origin this is a great way to ensure the gradual replacement of the population.

His warnings have been described as "alarmist nonsense" and "verging on
racism" by one UKIP insider, adding to fears that the party's forthcoming leadership contest will spark factional divisions.

According to the Office of National Statistics 120,000 Britons, equivalent to a town the size of Stafford left the country to live in other EU countries, the USA and Australia

UKIP also seek to impose "Britishness tests" a discredited method for assessing the fitness of would be migrants to adjust to life in the UK.