Wednesday, August 9

Hoiliday Time

Sandcastles and photo by Peter Troy - 2005
As they say acrross 'the pond' it's vaction time. The editor is off to the seaside for a very British summer holiday. But fear not regualar(ish) postings will continue with 'comments from the deckchair'.

Below as a special treat is an archive picture of Peter Troy and his bucket and spade.

South Lynn, Jersey 1955 - Photograph K O'D Troy


lady from middlesex said...

well peter have a well deserved holiday and we look forward to postings from the deckchair

Sarah Hopperty said...

Gosh, what a lovely little boy !

Kelly said...

Enjoy your holiday! Try not to get too much sun.

Stewed Cabbage said...

'' Mad dogs an Englishman goes out in the midday sun''