Thursday, August 24

It's Just Not Cricket!

Peter Troy (left) and Colin Stratton in the 'good old days'. Drawing by Veroncia Wilkie
In an act of defiance of the rules, traditions and procedures of Cricket that surpass even the audacity of the FSB North East Regional Committee (to ignore the rules and procedures that it is supposed to obey) was witnessed by millions of Cricket lovers at The Oval in London last Monday.
International Cricket Council Officials ruled that in accordance with the laws of cricket that the fifth and final test between England and Pakistan had been forfeited by Pakistan. This the consequence of their protest when the team refused to return to the pitch after the tea break. The protest was in response to the two umpires penalizing the Pakistanis 5 runs when the ball was deliberately scuffed - a very serious offence in the glorious and traditional game of cricket.

Those that watch football have become used to the antics of the (mostly) overpaid brainless prima donnas on football pitches up and down the land. In many ways they can be excused since the players are so mindless one can, perhaps, make allowances for the fact that their vast pay cheques addles what little brain power they (mostly) have.

Cricketers should know better; cricket is afterall a way of life not just a bat and ball game. Alas, the introduction of 'corporate cricket' is directly causing behavioural problems on and off the pitch by those that participate.

The Pakistan test team's behaviour last Monday is just not cricket as it should be. If the International Cricket Council has the guts they should ban all the 11 Pakistan team members from international cricket for at least a year not only for cheating but also for deliberate defiance of the rules of the glorious game. An unequivocal apology might help; though cheats hate lossing face.

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Howzat for a controversial, informative, entertaining, thought provoking and very British comment ?