Sunday, August 20

The curruption of the media

A report
This report (linked below) provides evidence which will enable us to force the news agencies, and the media which rely on them, to recognise that the media conduct at Qana in the Lebanon was unacceptable.
The matter is also an example of a much wider problem, affecting the way the whole of the media operates, the objective is to see them address the issues raised and to reform their operations. Without that, the authors feel, there can be no trust in the accuracy, impartiality or professionalism of any of their output, which is not only a major inconvenience, but threatens the very health of our democracy. For, without objective reporting, there is only propaganda.
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Kelly said...

Your final statement is very true.

But when the population wants only that which they can read in about 5 minutes or hear in about 90 seconds AND is being fed on a diet of the latest celebrity news good bad or indifferent, we have only ourselves to blame if our journalists in trying to get the story out first leave truth behind.

Truth and accuracy is always the first thing to go along with knowing the whole and complete story, not just one side of it.

I would love to be able to hold the media resposible for accuracy, impartiality and good old common sense. I just don't see this situation changing anytime soon. But I am willing to do what I can to aid in the process to make this happen.