Saturday, August 12

From the deckchair

News has just reached the editor's seaside deckchair that the European Union is up to its usual interfearing tricks again, oh yes indeed.
The British Beer and Pub Association (BBPA) has slammed proposals to introduce Europe-wide restrictions on alcohol sales which could increase prices and limit pub opening hours, just after they have been derestricted.
The organisation has reacted with outrage to a report due to be published by the European Commission public health department DG SANCO (sounds like a Spanish white wine) in September.
Its proposals call for a minimum tax rate on alcoholic beverages which would be raised substantially and standardised across Europe; a halt to so called 'booze-cruises' by allowing EU members to limit citizens’ right to buy alcohol abroad; restricted opening hours, a ban on advertising and sponsorship and health warnings on all packaging.
The BBPA has warned there could be dire consequences if the proposals became law.

Too right there will be, cheers.

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Sarah Hopperty said...

Don't get sunburn Peter !