Saturday, August 26

Going the way of the dodo

Speaking out -Peter Troy asks:
''are small business suffering from over regulation by the EU'' ?

Only the most fervent trade unionist or those that earn a living in the rapidly expanding employment law sector (and I know at least two people that fit into both categories) support the ever complex regulations that hassle businesses, particularly small businesses.

More than half of employees in Britain believe that the Government should not allow the EU to restrict the number of hours that they chose to work.

The Financial Times/Harris poll, published last week, support the government's defence of the EU opt out which allows employees to choose to work longer than the European Union maximum average working week of 48 hours.

It is truly annoying that Britons are haveing to fight to support their government which is losing a battle by the bossy EU who yet again are telling us what they think is best for us. The nanny suprastate in action once more.

As most of the three million or so self employed or small business people know working long hours is mostly vital in order to be successful in business. Clearly the EU don't want to understand that point - the EU has a long track record in anti small business legislation.

Britain's rejection of the opt-out of the EU working time directive is strongly opposed by Britains Trade Union movement.The opt-out should be strongly and vocally supported by the Federation of Small Businesses otherwise small businesses in this country could well go the way of the dodo.


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