Monday, August 7

A Very British soap opera

An everyday story of committee folk.

Breaking news -- Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) boss tells Peter Troy that he will not need a road map to Coventry. FSB North East's committee is ordered to back down. Read all about it ...... eventually.


Sarah Hopperty said...

Sounds depressingly familiar

Stewed Cabbage said...

Sounds very soap operaish

G Harper said...

Secret meetings, secret affairs, hidden agendas,rivalry, naked ambition, small minds big egos, inane and foolish obsessions are all the esential ingredients of a long running soap opera.

Sounds like you have the making of a long running story.

Stewed Cabbage said...

So what is the the latest installment in this soap ? Who is Anonymous ? And why do people not sign their name when makeing comments ?

Kelly said...

I agree very soap operaish. All it needs is sex and you have it all. as for why some people feel the need to hide their identity, I don't know but maybe because they are afraid of repercussions from either family, friends, coworkers or bosses. But then again maybe they just don't want to have take responsibility for their actions or words themselves.

Peter Troy said...

John Wright the defacto leader of the FSB in the North East earns good money from the Federation, a fact that is unrealised by those that this individual aims to impress.


John Wright's invoices to the FSB, 2005 £4,960

John Wright's national honoraria,2005 £9,315

In 2006 add regional honoraium as well as an increase on the above figures.

Plus expences claimed.

John Wright was at one time employed as a Legal Executive for Cleveland County Council. He was not a Solicitor nor a Barrister as some people have been led to believe.

Peter Troy said...

This blog has recently received notice of a training session presented by John Wright - The man who wants to lead the FSB.

Below is Not the (open) Agenda for the 4th training session
'Chairing Meetings'
presented by John Wright,
Tuesday 24th October 2006 at Ramside Hall.

Lesson one:
How to prevent anyone who does not agree with the Chairman from speaking

Lesson two:
How to avoid awkward questions being asked.

Lesson three:
How to get your own way by dominating any discussion in any meeting.

Lesson four:
How it can only get better when you have mastered lessons one, two and three.

Lesson five:
How to send someone to 'Coventry' when 1-3 can not be implemented.

Lesson six:
How to spin the fact that one has broken the rules by implementing lesson five.

Lesson seven:
How other peoples ideas at the start of a meeting can be ones own by the end.