Thursday, August 3

The threat to life and liberty

THE official terror threat to Britain was made public for the first time this week when a severe alert was published on a government website.

The current severe threat level means that a terror attack on the country is highly likely, according to the new website, which explains the role of the intelligence community. Ministers have simplified the official threat system from seven levels to five after criticism that the old method did not provide reassurance.

The new levels are: low, moderate, substantial, severe and critical. The system merges previous categories of severe general and severe defined into a single severe grade. It also omits the previous lowest category, which was negligible.

The new intelligence webpage at has histories of the security and intelligence agencies MI5 (Security Services) and MI6 (Secret Intellegence Services) the GCHQ (Government Communication HQ- the government listening post, the Defence Intelligence Staff and the Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre.

The explains the role of ministers, how the agencies are accountable and how intelligence records are released by the National Archive. It also provides links to key legislation.

The cross-party Intelligence and Security Committee called for a more transparent warning system in a report on the 7 July bombings in London last year. The committee highlighted that the threat level had been reduced from severe general to substantial before the London attacks.
What is also neeed is an honest aproach by the Police on the 'streets' with the enforcement of powers under anti-terorism laws. If the first casualty of war is truth the second must not be missuse of anti-terrorism laws of which regretably there are far too many examples in the past year.

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Kelly said...

I think the same person who designed our levels here in the states also did your levels in the UK.

I am not sure how levels of threat from terrorists are in any way to be reassuring. But they do need to be made more accurate or we need to get better intelligence on the whole situation.

Truth is the first casualty in any situation not just war. I do agree that laws need to adjusted. We are doing as we as humans have always done. We are grouping people by their colour or nationality or religion or even just their names. Here in the states after the bombing of Pearl Harbour, we reacted by placing those of Japanese descent into internment camps or POW camps or however you want to call them. We did the same with those of Germand descent. We are now doing the same with those who are Muslim or with Arabic sounding names or with just the appearance of the same.

LOL After all I have made several trips to the UK and with 2 exceptions have been searched each time. My friends and travelling companions laugh and joke about it but quite frankly if it keeps me safe in the air and my family and friends safe in the air then please by all means use profiling. Just don't get carried away with it please. We need more common sense used. If we can find people who know what that is of course