Thursday, August 10

Home Grown Terrorism

A plot to blow up planes in flight from the UK to the US and commit "mass murder on an unimaginable scale" has been disrupted, Scotland Yard has said.
Today’s unfolding events would appear to have been a successful thwarting of a home grown treat to the safety of innocent people.
That COBRA (Cabinet Office Briefing Room Annex) met and events moved at such a quick pace is an indication of the seriousness of the situation that faces the not only the UK but the World from fanatical extremists within countries own borders.
I am sure that with hindsight many of today’s frustrated travelers will realize that the actions taken by the Government just might have saved their lives.
Not withstanding my previous comments on the Home Secretary I congratulate the authorities on their swift action and the security forces on their near impossible task.

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Kelly said...

THANKS TO ALL THOSE INVOLVED WITH THIS OPERATION! I was not travelling at the time but gosh am I glad that it was handled as well as it was.....I know it was chaotic anything on this large of scale always is especially with untrained and unprepared civilians involved. But no matter the long lines or the rumours going around, I am glad that these people were stopped before they achieved their goal and not after. No matter the complaints from those travellors who now have/had a few hours or days of unintentional extended leave. They are alive, safe and well to make those complaints.

It is to be hoped that since this has occurred that airlines will reevaluate their procedures for the next time. Good Luck and God Speed!

I will be travelling over with my youngest daughters in April to London. I look forward to my next visit thanks to your men and women in blue. ;)